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Our First Blog Entry

April 7, 2019

The first blog - Custom Image Design - A full-service personal stylist business.  What do we mean by Full-Service?  We do more than just style you for a certain event (but we can do that).  We analyze your life goals and your interests, and then we style you in a way that helps you achieve those goals.  It works.  It is truly amazing to see clients before and after their styling sessions - they appear more like the person of their goals.  People will treat you as the person of your goals, and you will respond as that person.  Full circle.  Last night on American Idol - Katy Perry told a contestant, "If you dress like Harry Potter and sing, you will win this show.  I'm just trying to help you win."  We also thought his appearance did not 'fit' his singing style - it was mismatched, on a professional level.  The young singer, perhaps, felt very comfortable in his plaid informal shirt (understandable that one would want to feel comfortable in a stressful situation), but an Audience feels more 'comfortable' watching performers whose appearance portrays who they are and  'matches' their musical style,  Successful performers are not up there to just please themselves.  What performers are hoping to do, ultimately, is to have a positive effect on the audience.  Hopefully, this example gives you an idea of how one's Appearance can have a profound impact on goals and dreams.  Full circle.